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Here at Fast Technical Air Conditioning in Dubai, we supply a wide range of air conditioning solutions for both commercial and domestic customers as well as the ever growing number of businesses that work from a home office.  As a family run business, we offer a friendly, fast and reliable service that you will find is very competitively priced with extensive hardware warranties.

We can help you with your air conditioning needs throughout Dubai and Kent. We have the knowledge and expertise to install and service air conditioning systems at all kinds of premises – from small domestic homes to large construction sites.

The best solution for both home and businesses

Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

For your business, we can supply, install and maintain any size air conditioning system for any size premises. We offer a comprehensive planning and design service, helping our customers save money by installing the optimum air conditioning system for their needs.Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

For your home, we can install the perfect system that will keep you comfortable all year round with perfectly balanced temperatures, as well as cleaner air, that promote good health and a sense of well-being.

We take our environmental considerations very seriously. We strive to offer air-conditioning systems which reduce energy consumption and which have much less potential impact on the environment.

Air Conditioning Installation in Dubai

Our engineers are able to design and install standalone air conditioning systems, as well as adding to or modifying any existing heat pump, ventilation and air conditioning ( Installation) systems already installed. We carry our services out at any commercial premises in Dubai and the surrounding areas.Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Our services range from air conditioning installations in single rooms to central  systems and packages. We design, install and repair systems within corporate buildings, data centres, gyms or any other commercial premises. We work with quality manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Daikin & Panasonic and have many installations across Dubai, and the Home Counties, should you wish to see a similar installation or application. Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

We design, install, and once the works are completed, maintain these energy efficient cooling and heat pump solutions to work in harmony with your commercial, or high-end residential property. We do this by using only quality manufacturers and installation materials. Surveys, design and installations are managed and carried out by a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals, trained to do the works in hand. Our engineers always work with you to minimise any disruption to your workplace and are able to install, maintain and repair your new air conditioning system out of hours if required.


Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service Contracts in Dubai

Options offer regular and bespoke maintenance contracts to all air conditioning, heat pump and ventilation and the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive & competitively priced maintenance contracts for all applications.

Our planned preventative maintenance packages include routine service visits to your system which minimises the likelihood of future faults occurring, whilst improving efficiency and extending the lifetime of your air conditioning and heat pump plant.

Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai

We have a team of qualified engineers that are available for call out and attendance of your air conditioning system should it break down or become faulty. Our engineers can provide air conditioning repairs within Dubai and the surrounding Home Counties.

Heat pump, ventilation and air conditioning (repairs) systems can fail for a number of reasons including maintenance neglect, poor design and substandard installation to name but a few. Our engineers have had many years’ experience, and work with a wide range of systems and products so are well qualified to deal with any issues that arise.

Our engineers are situated in and around Dubai , Greater Dubai and further afield, perfectly located to promptly visit your commercial premises to deal with all of your requirements, large or small. Any work our engineers carry out to your air conditioning, heat pump or ventilation system is fully guaranteed and backed by a price promise.Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial-Air-Conditioning in dubai

Home Office Air Conditioning

Home-Office-Air-Conditioning-in duabi

Domestic Air Conditioning

domestic-air-conditioning in dubai


Air Conditioning & Systems Installation

Air Options has been installing air conditioning systems and more complex Heat Pump, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (fast technical) systems in a range of premises for in excess of 20 years.

Key Features

  • Expert System Design
  • Fully Project Managed
  • Manufacturer Approved Installers
  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • F-Gas approved
  • ISO9001 accredited
  • Safe contractor Approved
  • Registered with Environment Agency
  • Local authority, Building control and landlord liaison
  • Turn Key packages
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai

Our Service Promise

We are committed to supply only quality products and at competitive prices. In conjunction, Air Options aims to provide excellent one-to-one customer relations.

Air Options can install Air Conditioning and Fast Technical systems into a vast range of commercial businesses, including, although not limited to the following:

  • Office Air Conditioning Installations, small or large
  • Clean rooms, Laboratories, Computer rooms and Data centres
  • Recording, mixing and design studios, right through to film sets, temporary or otherwise
  • Retail Installation, whether it be high street or smaller privately owned outlet
  • Public sector Installations whether it be Schools, libraries, sports centres or health authorities
  • All other commercial property types and applications
  • High quality residential sites, new build or otherwise

Expert System Design

With over 20 years’ experience, our systems are always matched to the specific requirements of the individual premises. We take into account peak usage, area to be heated or cooled, energy efficiency and more, to ensure you get the perfect system for your needs.

Fully Project Managed

We manage the entire installation from beginning to end, survey, design, install and handover, We’ll take care of it all. On many occasions we liaise directly with the landlord, building control and planning departments to gain all of the permissions needed, on your behalf. This leaves you free to continue your day to day activities without the stress, disruption and hassle of managing the installation.

Manufacturer Approved Installers

Air Options are experienced in a wide range of equipment brands, with each manufacturer having specific benefits for certain applications. We are approved installers for Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Mitsubishi equipment, to name but a few, having met all their requirements in technical ability and service quality.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Once works are completed we offer preventative maintenance agreements and full after sales support backed by warranties, which are extendable in line with the manufacturers terms & conditions for up to five years. Most importantly, all solutions are engineered to comply with building regulations and Health and Safety guidelines. All workmanship and installations are covered by professional indemnity insurance giving you further peace of mind.

Single Room Installation

Air Options have installed a number of solutions for small and single room cooling applications and have earned a reputation for technical excellence with our installations.

In a typical cellular, or smaller air conditioning application we are able to install a wide variety of packages which we guarantee to give great performance and efficiency.

Ceiling or Wall Mounted

These systems typically comprise of an internal wall or ceiling mounted unit connected to an external condensing unit. They are simple to configure & engineer, and ideal for requirements such as individual rooms or smaller premises. Systems are modular and can also be engineered for expansion at a later date if required.


These systems typically comprise of an internal ceiling recessed cassette unit connected to an external condensing unit. They are less conspicuous than wall or surface mounted ceiling units and can help deliver air more efficiently and centrally due to its design and air discharge via four outlets at high level.


This system comprises of an internal and external unit. The indoor is situated in the ceiling void and very inconspicuous, due to it being hidden. All that is visible would be a grille and diffuser arrangement, which can be designed to suit aesthetic and are offered in different colours and finishes. The system operates via an electronic LCD thermostat, controlling heating and cooling automatically and efficiently.

Multiple Room Installation

Multiple room systems can vary from small to large scale solutions, depending on the number of rooms requiring cooling & heating. This can be achieved via installation of independent split, multi split, or VRF style systems, with individual units per room or a ducted fan coil giving overall control and coverage via a discreet ductwork arrangement.

Whichever suits your premises and budget, we have the know how and experience to produce a turn key package to suit.

Large commercial premises require reliable systems capable of providing adequate heating, ventilation and cooling throughout. This is often abbreviated to Fast Technical services or systems and their design and installation should only be conducted with a thorough understanding of the property in hand with good system design. This will in turn ensure your system is reliable and efficient for years to come.

Ceiling Suspended or Wall Mounted 

Typically these systems are wall or ceiling mounted units connected to an external condenser without being hidden or recessed. They are ideal for small and large office applications, with wall mounted systems often being the most cost effective .

Ducted Type 

These systems are hidden within a ceiling void or plant area and deliver the warm or cold air into the space via a network of insulated duct. Inconspicuous grilles and diffusers are located at strategic locations throughout the area served, allowing even air distribution. If engineered sympathetically, these type of systems can be virtually draught free and aesthetically pleasing.

Full Building Installation

Large commercial premises require systems capable of providing adequate heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Fast Technical) throughout the premises.

The design and installation of the Fast Technical systems should only be conducted with a thorough understanding of the property and it’s requirements, ensuring the best and most suitable system is engineered and put forward .

Variable Refrigerant Volume or Flow

VRV or VRF systems offer heating and cooling, either simultaneously or individually.Typically they comprise internal four way cassette, concealed ducted and wall mounted fan coils linked to larger single external condensing units capable of large cooling and heating duties. These systems can be adapted to suit your budget and property type as they are modular and scalable.

Centralised Chillers and Air Handling Units (AHU’s)

Air Options are often invited to install, replace or upgrade existing water chillers to improve reliability or increase performance. Water chillers cool using refrigerant gas and water as a secondary cooling medium. These are generally installed in larger building that have centralised plant locations and are not cost effective for smaller single or multi-room requirements.

Centralised AHU’s can once again be upgraded, replaced or refurbished to offer increase fresh air and extraction levels into your building. It is extremely important these are designed with current standards in mind stipulating fresh air levels at 12 litres per second per person. Should this be part of a new build, building control will require the systems designed to meet legislative requirements and modern building standards in addition to the 12 litres stated.

Please see one of our projects where we replaced and relocated the chillers and upgraded the centralised air handling units. In addition to this we refurbished the building management system making for an energy efficient and successful refurbishment.

Server Room Air Conditioning Installation

Computer Rooms and Data Suites  

If you manage a computer room or data centre of any size you will require precise control over the temperature levels in the room. Stability in temperature and humidity will ensure the computer equipment does not overheat or malfunction. Humidity control can reduce the likelihood of static improving reliability further, as static can be damaging to electronic goods. We install equipment supplied by specialist manufacturers such as Stulz and Liebert in addition to more generic commercial products by Daikin or Mitsubishi.

Specialist manufacturers produce equipment that allow us to engineer hot and cold aisle formats, allowing you to densely engineer your data centre maximising floor and rack space availible. Air options are an expert in engineering high density solutions and a small number of these can be seen under our recent projects.

We can design and install the perfect close control system, and can engineer N+1 standby arrangements giving you the peace of mind that should one system breakdown, you have a backup system that automatically picks up the pieces to maintain the temperature within your room. We all need to sleep at night and good solid engineering in business imperative environments is essential.

Clean rooms and Lab areas 

Clean room and lab managers require precise control over environmental conditions as well as cleanliness being of paramount importance in order to meet the requirements of the business model, and to offer safe working conditions for the occupants.

Whether this be for a manufacturing process requiring clean air environments or laboratories requiring differing pressure levels, consequently avoiding cross contamination, we are able to engineer the solution to suit. Air Options have installed many such systems for mixed purposes in both the manufacturing and pharmacological arenas as well as other unique applications such as forensic equipment storage where contamination of samples is a key issue and HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorption) filtration is used to eliminate this.

Process Cooling

Process cooling systems are generally completely bespoke and on the whole utilise water as a cooling medium. Often enough the purity of the water pumped or drawn via the clients process is a consideration whereby we are able to install water treatment plants to suit. Air Options have installed many systems since 1995 and can confidently say we aim to engineer the perfect solution for your process. Our managing director takes a personal interest in this specialist area and is more than happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs.


Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Heat Pump, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Planned preventative service & maintenance contracts are important for prolonging the life span of any air conditioning system and reducing energy consumption. Maintenance brings real benefits with regards to system efficiency and reliability, helping to keep running costs down and reducing system breakdowns.

Key Features

  • Calls and works co-ordinated by our service desk staff
  • Manufacturer Approved repairs and maintenance
  • Guaranteed Workmanship & competitive local rate pricing
  • We offer a price promise
  • F-Gas approved
  • ISO9001 accredited
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai
  • Safecontractor Approved
  • Registered with environment agency

We are a stable and long standing company, giving you the customer, the peace of mind that we will honour all product and contract warranties for the long term. Service & maintenance agreem

Comprehensive Servicing

Our service engineers have many years’ experience in the air conditioning and HVAC industry, having worked on a wide range of system types and manufacturer equipment. This means they understand the equipment they work on inside and out ensuring thorough servicing and quality workmanship prevails.

Critical Maintenance

In many premises, the air conditioning system is taken for granted and it’s only when it fails that people realise how indispensable it is. It’s breakdown often results in business disruption, especially if the system is an integral part of service delivery, such as in the case of a restaurant or data centre. We offer guaranteed hourly rates and response times to suit.

Manufacturer Approved

Air Options are experienced with a wide range of equipment brands, with each manufacturer having specific benefits. We are approved installers for the vast majority of heat pump, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, having met all manufacturer requirements, whether it be technical ability, service quality, insurances or accreditations.

Guaranteed Workmanship

All work carried out by Air Options is backed by our guarantee, giving you peace of mind that we resolve any issues and are insured and trained to do so. As standard our workmanship and products are offered with a 12 months parts and labour warranty unless discussed otherwise. Extended warranties are available up to 5 years, upon application.

Single Room Maintenance

Annual maintenance for your air conditioning system helps prevent breakdowns, maintains systems efficiently and often is required as part of equipment warranties.

Air Options maintain many single room conditioning systems via planned preventative maintenance packages.  For smaller systems, a 12 or 24 month recurring maintenance visit package is available at highly competitive rates which is backed by our Price Promise guarantee.

Single Room

For typical single room air conditioning systems we can maintain a wide array of packages ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably.

Whatever you’re maintenance requirements, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, cassette systems and more, we can form a package that perfectly fits your requirements and backed by our Maintenance Price Promise.

Other Premises

Air Options are fully experienced in maintaining air conditioning systems in a wide range of premise types. We are also fully accredited with relevant trade bodies and possess several third party accreditations as well as being manufacturer approved installers for many key brands.

Call us today for fast, efficient and effective service, ensuring your system remains an investment and not a liability. Advice and quotations are free.

Multiple Room Maintenance

For multi-room systems we can offer competitive maintenance packages designed specifically around the particular system.

Servicing interval periods could range from 6 to 18 months depending on the size of the system and budgetary constraints. Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your systems efficient and effective.

You may wish to review the benefits of maintenance which will save you money medium to long term ensuring your systems remains an investment and not a liability.

n the event you have any concerns regarding the quality of our service or workmanship rest assured this is fully guaranteed and backed by a price promise. In the event you would like to see further .

Call us today for fast, friendly and cost effective maintenance & repairs.

Full Building Maintenance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Fast Technical ) systems servicing your building require routine maintenance. We can offer competitive maintenance packages to suit all applications and budgets.

We offer a range of building maintenance services, whether this be part or full time cover. Our customers are able to tailor the packages we offer to suit both their requirement and budget.

In addition to client requirement, we are able to advise if there are any legislative stipulations they need to adhere to, which in most cases, there are ! We have the expertise in house to advise.

Pick up the phone and call us today, to see what we may be able to do for you. We are 100% confident in our abilities and offer a price promise in addition to a workmanship guarantee.

Server Room Maintenance

We specialise in business critical applications such as comms rooms, data centres and laboratories, and understand the importance in offering a quality portfolio of services, whether it be maintenance, design, or repair.

In all cases good PPM (planned preventative maintenance) can vastly improve equipment reliability and uptime. PPM agreements along with tailored SLA’s (service level agreements) can be engineered to offer site attendance within a matter of hours, remote monitoring and guaranteed fix times.

Why not speak to us about remote monitoring your room or engineering a backup solution (N+1 or N+2) as in all cases it’s not a matter of ‘if’ your existing system will break down, but ‘when’. All plant items will fail at some stage whereby we can furnish you with the knowledge of being prepared by putting the correct scalable measures in place, to pick up the pieces quickly, if not immediately. We can also work on scalable solutions to suit both budget and expansion.

We have the advice and expertise in house to build, maintain and repair robust air conditioning and ventilation systems, giving you the comfort of maximum uptime and security for your business.

Computer room solutions are engineered to be robust and offer precise control over the environment in order to ensure the IT equipment doesn’t fail. Failure could lead to invalidation of IT warranties (servers or alike) or network failure and file loss, causing business downtime and a consequent loss in revenue. Good design and maintenance is essential !

Please see one of our case studies for a successful installation and maintenance we have been involved with.


Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Heat Pumps

Air Options have a number of dedicated staff on standby ready to take your call. If your system has broken down please pick up the phone and we will dispatch an engineer to suit. Response times are guaranteed if under contract, if not we will of course attend as quickly as we can. Whether a new or existing customer, we can fix your system.

We offer a fast and friendly call-out service for Fast Technical repairs, maintenance and servicing across Dubai,

Key Features

  • Helpful Service Desk Staff available to take your call
  • Manufacturer Trained Engineers
  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • F-Gas accredited
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Safe contractor status
  • Air Conditioning Repair Dubai
  • Registered with environment agency

Our Price Promise

We are committed to supplying quality products and services, in conjunction with competitive pricing. Please see our price promise to you. Air Options aim to provide excellent one-to-one customer relations.

Comprehensive Fast Technical Servicing & Repairs

Our service engineers all have many years’ experience in the air conditioning industry, having worked on a wide range of system types and in all types of customer premises.

Fast Call-out & Repair 

We have engineers stationed in and around Dubai and the M25 serving central and greater Dubai, and the Home Counties. Call us today and we’ll dispatch a service engineer as soon as possible to begin diagnosing and resolving your system problems. We’ll get your system up and running as soon as possible ending the disruption to your day.

Manufacturer Approved 

Air Options are experienced with a wide range of equipment brands and are approved agents with the majority of Air Conditioning and Fast Technical manufacturers, having been trained to work on your plant.

Guaranteed Workmanship

All work carried out by Air Options is backed by our guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that we are qualified and insured to repair your systems effectively and efficiently.

Single Room Fast Technical Repair

We can fix your system effectively and offer a price promise. We have air conditioning engineers located throughout Dubai, the Home Counties and the in and around the M25.

If your system is not working efficiently, is leaking water or has broken down call us today where we’ll be happy to advise the best

method in getting it back up and running. In most cases we will need to attend in line with our normal competitive rates to diagnose and repair your system. We offer a price promise so rest assured you will be received the best rates available guaranteed.

Air Options are a well structured and family run business, that cares about getting your system up and running as soon as possible. Our managing director has been doing this since 1985 and has structured the company around delivering the services we promise in an ethical manner. There are so many companies that over promise and under deliver which plays to our strengths and allows us to shine in a congested and competitive market place. We are experts in this field and have the knowledge to fix your system competitively.

Multiple Room Repair

We offer a fast call out service and competitive rates. We can get your systems up and running and offer a price promise.

If you are experiencing issues with your multi room air conditioning or heat pump system or it isn’t performing as efficiently as usual, we can dispatch an engineer to diagnose and resolve the problem. We have engineers located throughout Dubai and the M25 and offer local rates.

Multi room systems are generally air conditioning and heat pump systems that service multiple areas or possibly floors. System concepts are referred to in the industry as twin or triple splits, with more complex systems being referred to as multi-splits, VRV (variable refrigerant volume) or VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems. In layman’s terms this generally means a single external condenser serving multiple internal fan coils, and can dependant upon the technology offer energy savings with a reduced external footprint. You don’t need to know what type of system you have as we will be able to advise and can repair all system types.

Call us today where we’ll be happy to help !

Full Building Repair

Experiencing problems with your buildings air conditioning? Call Air Options today and we’ll have you back up and running as soon as we can.

We make sure that the whole experience from investigation, quote to repair is completely hassle free, enabling you to continue with your day to day activities.

Dependant upon the age and specification of your building, it could have been constructed with a centralised heating, ventilation and air conditioning being an integral part of the base build or alternatively the centralised system could have been retro-fitted. Energy efficient heat recovery VRV (variable refrigerant volume) or VRF (variable refrigerant flow) technology is the modern concept and best suited to larger applications, due to it’s modular nature, small footprint and low running costs. Whatever system concept you have installed, we are able to get you back up and running as cost effectively as possible.

We offer a price promise guaranteeing you’ll receive the best rates available. Call us today !

Server Room Air Conditioning Repair

Should your data centre, computer room, laboratory or business imperative air conditioning system break down, Air Options is here to help and get you up and running as soon as possible. We are a specialist in this field!

We have engineers available throughout the South East and the Home Counties, with the expertise to fix and repair your system. We have a vast knowledge and specialise in computer room and data centre applications which need to be robust and future proof you, our client against technology changes.

We are able to repair all system makes and model whilst putting recommendations forward to improve and upgrade where required. This is part of the service should you become a customer and you need the support in this ever changing business sector. Your system needs to be effective and robust and most importantly fit for purpose.

We are able to tailor service level agreements (SLA’s) and planned maintenance agreements to suit both your budget and application. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and wealth of experience given we have been in business since 1985.

Call us today and we’ll having you up and running as soon as possible.


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